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About Online DJ Tips

Online DJ Tips is here mainly to help people get started as DJs – if you don’t know anything about DJing, it’s good to have somewhere that can provide some advice and guidance. As I develop the site, I hope to cover some more advanced techniques too, so that as you grow your career you can still get some good info here.

This site can give you some valuable pointers and help you get off on the right foot, but how much you get out of it depends on how much you put in. If you want to succeed as a DJ, you’ll need to put in hours and hours of practise before doing your first gig – and hours and hours of practise every day after that too. If you find you’re spending more time Djing than sleeping, then you’re probably on the right track (but do remember to get some shut-eye every now and again too).

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If you have any requests or questions, please send me an email – dj(at)onlinedjtips(dot)com